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Rural Outsourcing
The Best New Solution for IT Departments
Stay Rural – Stay Competitive – Save Money

Have You Struggled With Offshore Outsourcing Issues?

Learn About OUTSOURCING That Works Call 800-658-7817Every executive that has tried offshore outsourcing likely has experienced at least one of these issues:

  • Extended timelines due to process/project management issues, quality of managerial oversight or failure to understand subtle cultural nuances in work performed.
  • Poor collaboration due to unmanageable time zone challenges.
  • Inability to bring work back in-house once outsourced due to shrunken budgets or disappearing head count approvals, even when quality is unacceptable.
  • Resources get trained, but they leave, and then new ones
    come in, get trained, and they leave. This has a huge cost
    impact and inconvenience.
  • With offshore outsourcing, there are all kinds of added labor costs, as companies must document exactly what they are looking for outsourcing help with.This adds multiple costs.

If you are like most executives, it is painfully clear the work needs to be moved to a more effective delivery model.

So…What Is A Better Alternative?

You can start by evaluating Rural Outsourcing as an option. With onshore, rural outsourcing, you work with local experts, not with overseas strangers that have hidden costs of doing business. With rural outsourcing leader CrossUSA, US based experts will help you evaluate your needs, and then find temporary, permanent, project-based or consulting assistance to meet your specific IT needs. No more and no less. And the benefit of this alternative is that we do the work for you of lining up the exact resources to meet your application development and mainframe programming. No lost productivity for you and your team, no wasted effort, and the benefit of long term resources available to solve your immediate and long term IT staffing issues.

“CrossUSA is 25% to 50% less expensive than offshore because of the high cost of turnover
with offshore labor.”

Rural Outsourcing: Your Answer To High Quality Work At The Best Price.

What is Rural Outsourcing? It is a recent solution selected by many Fortune 1000 companies. Not only is it politically savvy to ‘Go Local’ but there are some real advantages in quality of work, time to completion, and process or project management effectiveness.

In a nutshell, you can outsource any or all of your IT needs to US-based employees, situated in lower cost-of-living areas, with savings passed right on to you. And, you get the added benefit of longer-term solutions due to the lower competitive lifestyle for the employees assigned to you – this means your intellectual capital investments stay with you over the long term, delivering real value for years to come.

Rural Project Centers provide the cost benefits of off-site IT staffing without the challenges of time-zones and cultural differences usually found with offshore IT Outsourcing. CrossUSA leads rural offshoring because it a local solution that saves time and money for both outsourcing to offshore and to in-house staffing. Read recent News Coverage of CrossUSA solutions.

“Working with CrossUSA is about 50% less expensive than on-site consultants or Full Time Employees!” – New York Client

“CrossUSA brings lower TCO (total cost of ownership) than offshore, due to less rework and
specification development required to ship work offshore.”

Rural Onshore Outsourcing With CrossUSA Is Your Solution

CrossUSA has in excess of 11 years of delivering IT solutions from
rural America and a significant level of experience working with Fortune 1000 companies. We specialize in identifying and hiring dedicated resources that have the required domain knowledge to do the work,
and that have the personal characteristics that add value to your company and your efforts.

Stay Home and Save Money

No more Indian, South American or Eastern European outsourcing. No more communication and management challenges. No more differences in expectations of what ‘quality’ really means. No more extra costs.

Just more savings, easier IT management and higher quality. Go with the experts in the field; choose CrossUSA.

“CrossUSA is less expensive than offshore as cultural barriers and time zone communication issues add to the size of the team with offshore”

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